Summer Update – July 2021

Very best wishes to everyone. Here is a short update on our movement’s activity and plans.

You can access the easyread version here:

We hope you find it interesting and useful. Could you share it with anyone you think might be interested? Get in touch if you want to be involved in any of the activity.

It’s great to see our vision being taken up in many places. Next we need to focus on making it a reality in places and lives.

As you will see below its been a very busy few months! The group of convenors, who co-ordinate activity on an unpaid basis will be taking a break over the summer and re-charging the batteries to go again in the autumn.

Spring Gathering

Our latest gathering took place on May 27th. More than 300 people signed up for brilliant sessions that combined sharing of great stuff and debating and planning on big issues. Thanks so much for all the contributions. If you missed the gathering or any of the sessions, recordings and slides can all be found here: Social Care Future On-line Spring Gathering – 27th May 2021 – In Control ( Please do share

Whose Social Care is it Anyway Inquiry

The gathering saw the successful launch of the first findings from the inquiry, From Permanent Lockdown to an Equal Life. You can find copies of the report, including easy read, here: From permanent lockdown to an equal life ( The report includes a call for Five Key Changes

It also makes a number of “First Asks” to particular groups as well as to all of us:

Following the launch we wrote to all Directors of Adult Social Care to ask if they would consider using the SCF vision and Think Local Act Personal’s Making it Real to steer local strategy and action. Already quite a few have answered in support, including some local councillors responsible for social care. We will be bringing them and others who respond together in the autumn to plan what they can do and what help might be available. The letter is here if you want to talk to your local DASS or others about signing up Will your local area adopt the Social Care Future Vision to transform social care?

Plans are now underway for phase two which will start in the autumn. This will combine going deeper into the five key changes in order to steer action for change. From September lots of discussions will take place with movement members and partners about how this will happen and roles people and organisations can play. Steered by the inquiry group’s work we need to be able to describe in detail what needs to be in place to make the vision a reality in places and lives and then work as a movement and with others to focus action on making progress towards it.

As part of phase two there will be a series of public gatherings for the movement and beyond, starting in the autumn to focus, steer and act

The Pledge

You will remember that Anna Severwright has led calls for people to say “enough is enough” to conferences and events about social care with no or only token presence of people who draw on social care themselves #oursocialcare – Social Care Future. Positively we can now start to point to significant national leaders and organisations showing a lead on this. First Oonagh Smyth, the Chief Executive of Skills for Care set out her commitment Our pledge supporting full and equal contribution at events from people who draw on social care. ( This week Kate Terroni the Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission made her own commitment in a podcast discussion with Anna which also involved CQC expert by experience and athlete Selina Litt.  You can listen here @cqcconnect | Linktree and see the blog here: Empowering the voice of people who draw on social care | by Care Quality Commission | Jun, 2021 | Medium Positively both Oonagh and Kate have told us of recent examples where using the pledge practically has influenced both their own organisations’ behaviour and also had an impact on the design, participation and organisation of events they have agreed to speak at. We are in discussion with other national organisations about how they will use the pledge, including the Association of Directors of Adult Social Care and Local Government Association

Influencing things

As you know every two weeks we meet informally with a “Strategic Leaders” group to ensure that our movement’s issues are heard by the most senior statutory, provider umbrella body, and other national leadership groups. This offers an opportunity to meet also with senior government officials. There have been a few developments from these meetings and more generally recently:

  • Following this Anna Severwright was interviewed on Sky News – her interview was so different from the usual kind of “expert” discussion – reflecting much more what people who draw on social care say is important – watch the inteview here.
  • We met with Department of Health and Social Care representatives working on social care reform to make the case for reform based on our movement vision and make practical suggestions around the “assurance” process proposed in the new Bill, for stronger co-production in policy development and for a ringfenced fund for progressive change
  • Alongside the Local Government Association and with Survation we polled local councillors about our vision and are now able to show a high level of support amongst local politicians, to be built upon What do local councillors think about #SocialCareFuture’s vision?

Strategic communications workshops with Equally Ours – starting September 2021

In April, we published the culmination of our research into how to build public support for our vision and approach for the future of social care.  We want to support as many of you as possible to put this approach to communications and these insights into practice.  So, working again with our expert partners Equally Ours, we’ve designed some workshops and will start running them from late September.   

These practical two-part online workshops will begin by equipping communicators and campaigners with the knowledge and skills to use strategic communications and framing as a lever for social change. Based on the insights from #SocialCareFuture’s research, participants will then have the opportunity to work on their own framing and messaging. 

Workshop #1

Part 1: Tues 21/9, 10-12

Part 2: Thurs 23/9, 10-12

Workshop #2

Part 1: Tues 5/10, 10-12

Part 2: Thurs 7/10, 10-12

There will be between 15-20 places available for each workshop.  If demand is high we will run more later in the year.  If you would like to attend, please email  We will then contact you with instructions on how to book a place.

We are asking organisations to pay a minimum of £100 per place at these workshops.  This allows us to cover the cost of their development, administration, and delivery, and to cross-subsidise some places for people that do not belong to organisations and who might be unable to afford to attend.  If your organisation is able to contribute more than £100, this would be welcome, as it will support the work of #socialcarefuture, which is volunteer-led and has no core funding. 

If you would like to attend, but are unable to pay, please indicate this in your email to us. We welcome everyone’s participation and will try and offer some free places at each session if our finances allow.

If you are interested in booking an in-house workshop, please email us to discuss

The movement programme for the rest of 2021/2

Watch out for more detail about activity and action to come out in September – virtual, via email updates and maybe…some face to face:

  • Sharing approaches and practices that can help build towards the future vision
  • Updates on movement action and opportunities to get involved
  • Key debates on issues identified by the Whose Social Care Future is it Anyway inquiry group
  • Work in partnership with others that helps progress towards the vision
  • Challenges to unacceptable practice, with solutions

Keeping in touch

We are currently building a new website (thanks Gaynor from In Control) which will be up and running from the autumn, with more functions to help us build and sustain the movement, share ideas and plan action. We also plan to start a short regular update email as well as these longer quarterly newsletters

A reminder on funding and support

Social Care Future receives no core funding in order to act independently. Some initiatives are sponsored by movement members “without strings”. Income from events will be used to sustain our movement activity – in particular co-production, movement building and administration. All programmes are run on a “pay if you can” basis in order to ensure no financial barriers to participation. Donations from groups able to support the movement are very welcome. Thanks so much for the funding and in kind support offered so far

Best wishes for the rest of the summer

The Social Care Future Convenor Team: Anna, Martin, Neil and Julie

Email; blog site: , twitter: @socfuture, Facebook:


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