What do local councillors think about #SocialCareFuture’s vision?

94% of English local councillors surveyed by Survation for #SocialCareFuture and the Local Government Association agree with the vision and purpose for social care articulated by #SocialCareFuture, while 92% agree with how we describe what social care should do and how it should work. Over 9 out of 10 councillors believe the government must prioritise investment and reform in social care now.

You can download the full survey results here and read the Local Government Association’s response here

These latest findings build on the work we published earlier this year, showing how a new narrative, articulating our vision and approach, shifted public mindsets about what social care should be and do, and through doing so could command greater support for investment and reform.

The Whose Social Care Is It Anyway? Inquiry has since surveyed the experiences and views of people who draw on social care to live their lives to begin exploring how the vision and approach can be implemented. In June it published its initial findings ‘From Permanent Lockdown to an Equal Life’ which set out 5 key changes needed to get us there.

We are inviting councils to sign up to the vision, as some have already done, and to harness the Think Local Act Personal Making it Real Framework to implement it.


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