Changing the story – gallery of our thinking and ideas

Over the past year lots of us have go together to talk about how we can produce a compelling new story of change that can help move our ideas and ways of working from the margin to the mainstream where care and support is concerned.  This post draws your record of the work we did together.

First of all, we met in Manchester in May 2019 and talked about our vision for the future.  You can read a summary here and we included it in our publication ‘Talking about a brighter social care future’ which was published in November 2019.  Below are the ideas and thoughts generated on the day:

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Then in November 2019 we met in Birmingham and thought in more detail about the change we want to see in the world.  You can read a summary here

We thought about how the world would be different if our ideas took root:

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We considered what national and local government would be doing if it was aligned with our vision:

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And we considered what the chief obstacles are that stand in our way and the arguments that are made against our ideas:

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Then we thought about who we need to influence and what might win them over:

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We were also fortunate to have Dr. Pen Mendonça  on hand in Birmingham to produce her interpretation of our discussions:


Next we’re going to start looking in detail  at public ‘mindsets’ – at how people talk, think and feel about care and support.  In Manchester on February 4th we’ll work together to build some ‘hypothesis’ about public thinking which we’ll test in the research, before we begin to develop and test a new narrative.  We’ll be joined by Equally Ours who will kick of the day with a ‘framing 101’ session so that we’re all up to speed on the approach we’re taking.


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