Don’t we all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter to us?

That’s the #socialcarefuture we seek.

#socialcarefuture is a growing movement of people with a shared commitment to bring about major positive change in what is currently called “social care.”  It’s for those who want to take part in imagining, communicating and creating together a future where what we currently call social care makes a major contribution to everyone’s wellbeing and which, as a result, will enjoy high levels of public – and hence political – support.

Those coming together via this growing movement include people whose insight and expertise comes from drawing on social care, families, professionals, managers, support providers, user-led organisations, politicians, commissioners, community groups and others.

We work together in variety of ways to pursue the shared vision above. It’s a vision that will require significant change in what social care does and how it works, moving away from institutional practices by shifting power to people and communities.  But it’s a vision we already see inspiring great new approaches all around us.


As a growing movement, we are taking action to:

  • Promote a new story of change to inspire the wider public to support the future we seek
  • Underpin this story with examples of the approaches that exemplify this future and working with others to grow and to spread them
  • Challenge and change the present through action at all levels to close the gap between the positive ambition of the Care Act 2014 and reality on the ground
  • Develop the practical solutions to move us towards our vision, navigated by people whose experience and insight comes from drawing on care and support to live their lives
  • Build a social movement for change

Find out more about what we’re doing and how you can be involved here and have a look at the wide range of glimpses of a better future we’ve collected here 

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At this early stage of development the network is convened on a voluntary, unpaid basis by Martin Routledge, Anna Severwright, Neil Crowther and Julie Stansfield with core administration and coordination provided by In Control. A range of people and organisations are involved, individually and collectively, in initiating or coordinating action relevant to this shared vision and in planning and supporting the ways we come together face to face or virtually.

If you want to be included in our network mailing list or have a direct discussion about involvement or contribution contact us at

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